Scholarship Recipients

Financial partners provide educational support to selected individuals who have no other means of obtaining an education.

Jeremy Maithya

jeremy_1.jpgYour support enables individuals, like Jeremy Maithya (pictured above), to have the opportunity to further their education. A college degree will give Jeremy the ability to make a positive impact on his community. It also gives hope, where there once was little or none, to better oneself.
 This hope gives people the strength and courage to accomplish amazing goals that seemed out of reach. Making a difference in just one life has the ability to transform a country. We at WTC are excited to see how our Lord will use the scholarship fund to grow future leaders who may positively affect whole communities.

Salome Wambua 

salome_1.jpgSalome Wambua another scholarship recipient, finished her undergraduate degree in Project Management and plans to pursue a Master’s level degree.




The following post secondary students are receiving scholarships from WTC:

  1. Jeremy Maithya
  2. Pr. Katunga
  3. Pst Joel Mutisya
  4. Pst Judy Mutie
  5. Cathiren M. Wambua
  6. Salome M. Wambua
  7. Pst Kiasya